CMV 017 – What Are They Thinking?

CMV Podcast | March 11, 2018 Alex Frankel joins us to talk about his Master's Thesis "What Are They Thinking?", and towards the end of this episode you'll also hear from Will (AKA u/Neutrino_gambit) who recently posted in CMV about Yes or No questions. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean, YouTube or SoundCloud. Links Alex Frankel: @SonOfDiesel on Twitter, and 'Elephants and Asteroids' on Medium. Alex's … Continue reading CMV 017 – What Are They Thinking?

CMV 015 – Charging Into Hell

CMV Podcast | January 9, 2018 This episode begins with u/sdneidich exploring his CMV post on standardized chargers. In the second half, u/YKMR3000 joins to talk about his post on the morality of hell. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links CMV: Small Electronics manufacturers should be required to adopt and **use** a standard charging system so that all cords work on all … Continue reading CMV 015 – Charging Into Hell

CMV 014 – Enemies & Empathy

CMV Podcast | December 22, 2017 This episode contains discussion about one of the highest voted posts of all time in CMV, with a topic that's very relevant to the subreddit itself. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links CMV: The biggest problem with American politics is viewing people that we disagree with as "the enemy". CMV: Peanut butter is … Continue reading CMV 014 – Enemies & Empathy