CMV 021 – Facebook Curation and Reddit Redesign

CMV Podcast | April 22, 2018 CMV mod Liz Weeks (u/PepperoniFire) joins Michael and Kal to talk about her blog posts on The first is about her thoughts on how Facebook could improve its content curation, drawing from her experience on Reddit, and the second is about concerns relating to Reddit's redesign and how … Continue reading CMV 021 – Facebook Curation and Reddit Redesign

CMV 020 – Democracy Vs. Propaganda

CMV Podcast | April 8, 2018 u/Kor03d joins us to talk about his post on democracy's defence against malicious propaganda (or, in his opinion, lack thereof). u/tehbored, who responded to his post, also joins the discussion about half way through. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean, YouTube or SoundCloud. Links CMV: Modern democracy has no instruments to overcome crisis caused by propaganda tehbored's comment … Continue reading CMV 020 – Democracy Vs. Propaganda

CMV 019 – Judging History

CMV Podcast | April 1st, 2018 u/Neighbor_ joins us to talk about his post on judging historical people by today's standards, and u/Ansuz07 - who participated in this post - also shares his thoughts on it. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean, YouTube or SoundCloud. Links CMV: You cannot take credit away from people in history due to what was socially acceptable in … Continue reading CMV 019 – Judging History

CMV 018 – Facebook & Voting

CMV Podcast | March 25, 2018 u/illQualmOnYourFace joins Michael to talk about his CMV post on the recent Facebook scandal, and u/the_saad_salman and u/PM_ME_UR_Definitions come on for the second half to talk about a post on voting representation. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean, YouTube or SoundCloud. Links CMV: Given the recent news, there is no quality of Facebook that is redeeming enough to justify keeping … Continue reading CMV 018 – Facebook & Voting

CMV 017 – What Are They Thinking?

CMV Podcast | March 11, 2018 Alex Frankel joins us to talk about his Master's Thesis "What Are They Thinking?", and towards the end of this episode you'll also hear from Will (AKA u/Neutrino_gambit) who recently posted in CMV about Yes or No questions. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean, YouTube or SoundCloud. Links Alex Frankel: @SonOfDiesel on Twitter, and 'Elephants and Asteroids' on Medium. Alex's … Continue reading CMV 017 – What Are They Thinking?

CMV 016 – Heavy Metal

CMV Podcast | January 23, 2018 u/roach_brain joins Michael to discuss his post about playing heavy metal music at parties. The delay in releasing this episode was due to finding time for post-production to cut out bad audio from Kal's mic. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links roach_brain's post: "CMV: It is ok for a person with non-mainstream tastes … Continue reading CMV 016 – Heavy Metal

CMV 015 – Charging Into Hell

CMV Podcast | January 9, 2018 This episode begins with u/sdneidich exploring his CMV post on standardized chargers. In the second half, u/YKMR3000 joins to talk about his post on the morality of hell. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links CMV: Small Electronics manufacturers should be required to adopt and **use** a standard charging system so that all cords work on all … Continue reading CMV 015 – Charging Into Hell