CMV 021 – Facebook Curation and Reddit Redesign

CMV Podcast | April 22, 2018

CMV mod Liz Weeks (u/PepperoniFire) joins Michael and Kal to talk about her blog posts on The first is about her thoughts on how Facebook could improve its content curation, drawing from her experience on Reddit, and the second is about concerns relating to Reddit’s redesign and how it impacts discussion-based subreddits.

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Armchair moderation: or, how I learned not to worry and love user-generated content.

Pros and Cons of Political Polarization on the Internet

Tristan Harris tweets about a “Change My Mind” button

Hidden Brain Podcast – Romeo & Juliet In Kigali: How A Soap Opera Sought To Change Behavior In Rwanda

r/AskHistorians: Nixon won re-election in 1972 with the widest popular vote margin in American history, and consistently led in Gallup polling by wide margins in the months leading up to the election. If his re-election bid was expected to be a walk in the park, why did he break the law to undermine the Democrats?


Reddit redesigned its site and it could kill discussion subreddits

Design for Discussion: Solutions That Value Reddit’s Conversational Corners

A redesign proposal to the admins from the mod teams of a collective ~34 million subscribers.

Reddit 10 year growth analysis and visualization

Why Not Devil’s Advocate?

Opening Arguments Podcast

Omnibus Podcast

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