CMV 018 – Facebook & Voting

CMV Podcast | March 25, 2018

u/illQualmOnYourFace joins Michael to talk about his CMV post on the recent Facebook scandal, and u/the_saad_salman and u/PM_ME_UR_Definitions come on for the second half to talk about a post on voting representation.

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CMV: Given the recent news, there is no quality of Facebook that is redeeming enough to justify keeping your profile.

CMV:Even though America’s political makeup is 50/50, Republicans have a large majority in state positions and in congress – and its not just because of gerrymandering.

u/PM_ME_UR_Definitions’s comment

Alignment Chart (Dungeons & Dragons)

CMV: Giant burgers that people cannot feasibly bite into are bad.

CMV: Drive-in through coffee should be served at a temperature where, if you immediately take a drink, you will not burn your tongue.

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