CMV 017 – What Are They Thinking?

CMV Podcast | March 11, 2018

Alex Frankel joins us to talk about his Master’s Thesis “What Are They Thinking?”, and towards the end of this episode you’ll also hear from Will (AKA u/Neutrino_gambit) who recently posted in CMV about Yes or No questions.

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Alex Frankel: @SonOfDiesel on Twitter, and ‘Elephants and Asteroids’ on Medium.

Alex’s Master’s Thesis/Project: What Are They Thinking?

“The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt, which was an inspiration for Alex and also happens to be the book Kal is reading right now.

“Political Tribes” by Amy Chua.

Will’s post: CMV: There are only 4 viable answers to a “Yes or No” question.

This week’s fun post: CMV: Magneto is right, humans can’t coexist with mutants

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