CMV 010 – Caller ID Spoofing

CMV Podcast | November 12, 2017 Starts at 0:46. Again, apologies for the delay at the start. CMV mod u/huadpe joins to discuss his popular post about caller ID spoofing, as well as some other posts in the subreddit that week. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links Episode 9 feedback post CMV: Hard times create strong men, Strong men … Continue reading CMV 010 – Caller ID Spoofing

CMV 009 – First Live Episode

CMV Podcast | November 4, 2017 Starts at 2:55. Apologies for the silence and delay in setting up at the beginning of this episode - as the title implies, we weren't experienced with live-streaming a podcast. This episode contains a discussion between Michael and Kal about an interesting post in the subreddit, and some tangential conversation … Continue reading CMV 009 – First Live Episode

CMV 008 – Raised on Religion

CMV Podcast | July 11, 2017 A discussion with u/The_Evil_Sidekick, OP of /r/ChangeMyView's most upvoted post of the 12 months leading up to July 2017. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links The_Evil_Sidekick's post: "CMV: Just like sex education, religion should be introduced to children only after they have reached a certain age and level of maturity."

CMV 007 – Surveillance

CMV Podcast | April 30, 2017 The top r/bestof post of all time was a CMV comment, until it wasn't. Michael explores a big moment in CMV's history - a comment by (the now deleted account) u/161719, and the complicated story that followed. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links u/161719's defaced CMV comment (with context) Michael's google doc of links … Continue reading CMV 007 – Surveillance

CMV 006 – Consciousness

CMV Podcast | February 1, 2017 In this lengthy episode, Michael is joined by u/KDJones and u/awenonian to discuss their 3-month-long discussion in CMV about "The Hard Problem of Consciousness". Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links u/KDJones' post: CMV: The Hard Problem of Consciousness is a genuine obstacle to understanding human experience Discussion starts between KDJones and awenonian Diagram of different concepts … Continue reading CMV 006 – Consciousness

CMV 005 – 2016 Recap

CMV Podcast | December 28, 2016 CMV moderators u/garnteller and u/PepperoniFire, and prominent contributor at the time of recording (now mod) u/Ansuz07, join Michael to look back on CMV through 2016. This episode also includes an interview with u/thesquarerootof1 on how 2016 compares to previous years. Listen/subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, PodBean or SoundCloud. Links garnteller's post: CMV: Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a … Continue reading CMV 005 – 2016 Recap

CMV 004 – Holiday Special

CMV Podcast | December 16, 2016 In the first half of this holiday-themed episode, Michael is joined by u/IIIBlackhartIII, u/PepperoniFire, and u/BostonDrivingIsWorse to discuss the books they would gift in the spirit of CMV. The second half contains discussion on a subject that tends to come up in the subreddit around this time of year - should we lie … Continue reading CMV 004 – Holiday Special