CMV 013 – Cake-baking Conundrum

CMV Podcast | December 12, 2017

“Bake Love, not War!” – Alternative title suggestion by this episode’s guest, u/CraigyEggy, who came on to talk about his popular post in CMV.

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CraigyEggy’s post: “CMV: A business owner, specifically an artisan, should not be forced to do business with anyone they don’t want to do business with.”

New York Times piece by David Brooks: “How Not to Advance Gay Marriage”

CraigyEggy’s podcast choice: ‘Crooked Media’ podcasts and ‘The Ben Shapiro Show’.

CMV: I don’t think people who cheat in a relationship deserve to get all their material goods sold/destroyed.

[Meta Monday] Do you have a go-to technique when responding to CMV posts?

CMV: Is there a better way to get the correct answer for a question than intentionally posting the wrong answer and being corrected by others? I don’t see a better way.

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