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This website is a network of all things Change My View.

CMV is most commonly known as the forum on reddit, which is a place for inviting others to explain why they disagree with you in the pursuit of greater understanding. It was created in early 2013 by Kal Turnbull, currently has more than half a million subscribers, and is actively moderated by a team of 22 people.

The subreddit has received mainstream media attention from NPR’s Planet Money, WIRED Magazine, The Washington Post, Slate, and even a tweet by Elon Musk. It has also been the subject of multiple research papers, and is being used in various College/University classrooms.

With CMV’s growing popularity, Kal was invited to give a presentation on the subreddit and its aims in The Netherlands, at an event called “Innovating Democracy”. This inspired him to consider using what we’ve learned to launch other projects, which now includes a podcast and blog.